Electric Gate Openers

The Different Pros And Cons Of Commercial Automatic Gate Openers

One of the most important factors to consider as a property owner is the security of the home, office, or factory.  An unsafe property is one that is more vulnerable to theft and one way to increase security is through the installation of an electronic gate opener.  While automatic openers are most commonly associated with residential usage, they are also used in the commercial and industrial industries.  This article will provide information on the different benefits and drawbacks of commercial automatic gate openers.

Commercial gate openers are typically battery-operated and electrical.  Previously the openers would be operated mechanically; however, advanced technology has improved operating systems introducing hydraulic systems.  The opener is a remote used to open and close gates from a distance or while remaining in the vehicle.  Batteries are often included in the package and charged with electrical transformers included in the opener system.  It should be noted, however, that the introduction of an eco-friendly approach has promoted the use of solar-charged gate openers.

If you have opted to purchase a commercial automatic gate opener, it is important to keep the following considerations into account:

•             Read the instruction manual carefully and watch any DVDs included ensuring you have a full understanding of how the opener operates.

•             The instruction manual provides information about the gate opener installation process, as well as the opener safety and security features.  It is crucial that you remember the commercial electronic gate openers create a high level of electricity which can cause damage to an individual or the system.

•             Commercial gate openers are available in a plethora of sizes, types, and weights dependent on the gate requirements.

•             The door usage frequency must also be considered when choosing a type of gate opener. 

•             All commercial gate openers need to be installed according to the gate dimensions.  It is recommended that the gates are pre-prepared for installation.

Commercial automatic gate openers can be used for both weaker and strong gates.  To ensure the strength of the gate meets the gate opener system, it is important that the gate presents with the following features:

•             The dimensions of the gate need to be carefully measured and installed at the correct level.  This will ensure that the gate swings freely and without any obstructions.

•             All electrical gates need to move through the arch without any clashing or binding on the ground.

•             If there are wheels on the gate, they should not be attached to each other.

•             A gate post must be protected when placed in the ground using a solid level.

•             All gates weighing at least 250 pounds are suitable for commercial gate opener systems.

•             It is recommended that a vertical or horizontal cross be affixed to the front of the gate when installing a gate bracket.

There are various companies across the country that sell electric gate openers for commercial properties.  Using the information above, you will be able to find the most suitable gate opener for your particular needs and preferences.